Amsterdam, home of Heineken, relaxed laws for marijuana, and the red light district. This city is simply beautiful. Of course you have the abundance of coffee shops to meet your fellow pot heads or the most known street in the world to stare at beautiful half naked woman, but this city has so much more. The history and beauty this city has to offer is unmatched. Whether it is relaxing in one of the many parks, seeing the city by bike or boat, or learning all about the history of Heineken you will have plenty of choices. Between the trams, cars, and bikes this city has a lot of traffic and standing or walking in the wrong place could lead to you being hit by a biker. Look both ways when crossing bike lanes and make sure you are walking on the pedestrian path and not the bike path.

top tips:

  1. Avoid massive queues at popular museums/attractions by pre-purchasing tickets online for fast-track entry.
  2. If you're planning on visiting a lot of museums, invest in an I Amsterdam Card (iamsterdam.com), which includes a canal cruise and public transport.
  3. Although marijuana is legal to smoke it is not legal to smoke anywhere (on the public streets) stick to the coffee shops or hostels that have smoke rooms.
  4. RENT A BIKE to see the beauty the city has to offer.
  5. " Smart shops" are the places to go if you want to partake in other legal drugs such as "truffles" (mushrooms). The owners of the shops are very knowledgeable and will help you with any questions about what to choose.