Top 10 songs to use for your next travel video!

We all know you just bought that new GoPro so you can capture some of the best and worst times of your travels! Let us help you make the perfect travel video by providing some of the best songs to use!

Travelling- Paper Lions (3:23 minutes long)

Avicii- The Nights (2:54)

My Life Be Like (ooh ahh)- Gritz (4:09)

American Authors- Best Day of My Life (3:12)

Summer Paradise- Simple Plan (3:55)

Avicii- Wake Me Up (4:11)

On Top of the World- Imagine Dragons (3:10)

Scotty Doesn't Know- Lustra (2:59)

Things I haven't Done- The Good Husbands (4:20)

Coastin- Zion I (4:57)