Tapas, bars, and beaches! Besides the unbeatable night life Barcelona is home to one of the greatest soccer teams in the world and some of the most beautiful architecture. Find out more!

top TIPS:

  1. Carry a water bottle with you.From my American perspective, almost anywhere you go a cup of water is free. If you order water at a restaurant in Spain, however, they will bring you a bottle of water and an empty glass to pour it into. This normally costs about two euro, which adds up! Save yourself some money, and get a reusable water bottle.
  2. Be on the guest list for nightclubs
  3.  Don’t be flattered if people ask you for directions. Barcelona is amongst some of the worst cities in the world for pickpockets. Pickpockets often work in groups to distract the person they plan to steal from, so if a stranger asks you for directions (or even initiates a conversation) have your guard up.
  4. Public bathrooms are not as common as you think and often times you have to pay in order to use the bathroom.
  5. Don’t leave a tip. This may feel rude at first, but most places in Barcelona don’t require that you leave a tip, and it can even be offensive if you do. This includes taxis and restaurants. If you check your receipt, the tip is probably already factored in.