Barcelona has one of the best football teams in the world, FC Barcelona, and a visit to the city is not complete without seeing the team’s famous stadium – Camp Nou (certainly for football fans). 
Camp Nou is the largest stadium in Europe, the 2nd largest football (soccer) stadium in the world, with 98.787 seats (105,053 after the planed renovation that will begin in 2017 and be finished in 2021). A tour of the stadium is available and, together with the FC Barcelona museum is a must for every Fan, so don't miss the Camp Nou Experience Tour & Museum, but the best and most exciting experience is attending a match, something that even non-football fans will enjoy.
For more information about the Camp Nou Experience Tour & Museum read the "Camp Nou Tour and Museum" article. 


Buying match tickets

The best option for most is to buy the tickets online, but be watch out for unofficial websites that offer tickets for sale even before they are officially released as you might find yourself without the money and the tickets (see more belo).

The best place to buy the tickets is the official FC Barcelona website, it is user friendly and the tickets can be printed at home.
Ticketmaster is also a good option and it is an official FC Barcelona partner.
The maximum number of tickets allowed per purchase is 6.

It is, also, possible to buy the tickets once in Barcelona but, usually, it is not a good idea as the match can be sold out by then, all the good seats might be taken or the only available seats might be in separate locations in the stadium.
That said, in less important matches the risk is minimal so it can be an option if the plan to watch the match is not final.
The official tickets sale points in Barcelona are:

·       ·         FC Barcelona ticket office at Camp Nou stadium

·       ·         Tourist information office at Pl. Catalunya

·       ·         Fnac stores

·       ·         Official FC Barcelona shops


Best seats

The main stand (tribuna) and the lateral stand (lateral) offer the same view obviously, but price difference is due to the main stands services being better. Lower and more central tiers will have better atmosphere, as many times the upper and cheaper tiers are half empty and occupied mainly by tourists. For atmosphere, the hardcore supporters gather behind the southern goal and the away team fans are behind the southern goal, in the top tier.
Click here for the stadium sections map.


Getting to/from Camp Nou

L3 – Green line
The line circles around the north/west side of the stadium so the best stop depends on the access gate printed on the ticket. 
Les Corts: for access gates 16-21 (also OK for access gates 14- 15).
Maria Cristina: for access gates 1-6 (also OK for access gates 7-9).
Palau Reial: for access gates 7-15 (also OK for access gates 4-6).

L5 – Bule line
The line passes along the eastern side of the stadium. The best stop depends on the access gate printed on the ticket. 
Badal: for access gates 16-21.
Collblanc: for access gates 1-15 (the lower the number of the access gate,  the longer the walk).


Line 59: From Barcelona through the Ramblas, Pl. Catalunya, Casanova/Villarroel. Stops near the Les Corts metro station so best for access gates 16-21.
Line H8: One of the horizontal fast lines that stops near the east/south ends of the stadium..
Best for access gates 10-21
Line 54: From Estació Nord through Pl. Tetuan, Gran Via (up to Pl. Universitat), Muntaner/Aribau. Passes close to the east/south side. Best for access gates 1-21
Line D20: From Barceloneta through Paral.lel, Pl. Espanya, Carrer de la Creu Coberta/Carrer de Sants/Carretera de Collblanc (all names of parts of the same stretch or road). It passes along the east side, parallel to the L5 metro so, depending on the stop, best for access gates 10-21.

Click here to see the access gates layout

*you can go in the stadium area by any access, not just the one printed in your ticket, but it is recommended use the one printed there as it is the one closer to your stadium gate access (called Porta in your ticket).