Barcelona International Airport

The nearest airport to Barcelona city centre. It is 13 km South West of the city centre. A taxi would cost around €25.00 to Barcelona centre and will take you about 20 minutes travel time. You can also catch the RENFE train, fare  €4.10  and takes about 25 minutes or the Aerobus express bus service which costs  €5.90  and takes about 25 minutes.

Girona Airport

103 km North East of Barcelona. It would take just over 1 hour by taxi to travel to Barcelona city centre. The taxi fare would be around  €120.00 . Alternatively you can catch the Barcelona Bus which will take you to Barcelona centre in about 1hr 10 minutes and cost  €15.00  -  €25.00  for a single ticket. One of the advantages of flying to Girona is that you could catch the train to see the Dalí Museum in Figueres, since it is close by, and then catch the train to Barcelona centre. Girona centre also offers an interesting half day visit. For more information on Girona I recommend you visit our sister site         

Reus Airport

106 km South of Barcelona. A taxi would cost around  €212.00  and take just over 1 hour to arrive in Barcelona city centre. For more information on reus visit our sister website Reus and Girona are quiet towns but are also quite interesting for a short visit. They are good places to escape to for a while if you want somewhere peaceful and quiet but they do not have anywhere near the same level of tourist attractions that Barcelona has. The other advantages of flying into Reus and Girona are that many of the budget airlines preferentially fly to these airports which means you may be able to obtain a cheap airfare, but bear in mind the additional cost for transfer from the airport to Barcelona and the additional time needed for this. If your main aim is to visit Barcelona city only then it is probably best and most comfortable to fly directly to Barcelona Airport.