Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance, the capital of the Tuscany Region of Italy and home to the Statue of David. This beautiful city warps you back in time to the same streets that Michelangelo and Leonardo Di Vinci walked. Unlike most other cities in Europe this city is not congested with cars and taxi’s. Giving you the freedom to walk the streets almost freely. This is also home to some of the best food, festivals, and nightlife in Europe. As mesmerizing as it is during the day, the night opens your eyes to the fantasy land of history, culture, and art. 


  1. Almost all museums are closed on Monday's so plan your visiting around that.
  2. Between 3-7 pm most of the cities restaurants shut down, so unless you eat at a touristy place make sure to eat before 3
  3. Apperitivo (happy hour 7-9 pm) is big in Florence and is more then just drinks it is a perfect place to relax with locals and eat some free food AFTER you buy at least 1 drink per person at your table.
  4. **Girls** most of Florence is cobblestone. When packing for your travels to Florence do not waste space packing pointy heals, you will regret it.
  5. If y ou d o not ask for natural water at a restaurant you will most likely receive fizzy water.