The main problem the wandering traveller will encounter in London is price. Although a generally more entertaining place than much of the rest of the UK, this disparity is reflected in the cost of almost everything. Here are a few ideas which might help you preserve those precious pounds (that’s the UK currency to all you heathens).

Avoid taxis-Why pay through your nose to sit in traffic listening to the politically incorrect views of the driver. If you insist on being a lazy bastard, get an Uber. By far the best way of getting around the city is on the world’s oldest urban subterranean transport network, the tube. Fairly uncomplicated to navigate, quicker and cheaper than overland alternatives, the tube will take you almost anywhere you want to go in the city. Just don’t go south of the river, there be dragons.

Free attractions-In 2001, thanks to a policy by the then labour government, entry the the UKs national museums was made free for all. Instead of paying £35 to get into the overpriced and overrated Madame Tussauds, take a trip to the British museum, the Natural History Museum, the Science museum, the National Gallery and the Tate Modern. All of these attractions are free and easily accessible in central London. See ‘Places’ for further details.

Views of the city-With so much to see in the city, why not get it done all in one go! Naturally, in an attempt to see London from the sky, many tourists plump for the London eye; an impressive looking structure but not the cheapest, nor the most time efficient of options. Instead of spending £20+ to spend half your day queuing for oversized ferris wheel, why not climb to the top of London’s most recognisable landmarks, St Paul’s Cathedral. The less pricy £15 entry fee buys you the same 360 degree views of the city from the cathedrals dome, but also grants you access to one of the most impressive church buildings in Europe: killing two birds with a cheaper stone.

Another option can be found upriver, at the city’s Tower Bridge Experience. For just £9 you can climb to the top of the famous bridge and take in its views, while also traversing its glass walkway allowing you to watch the traffic below. Short of buying a helicopter you won’t get many better views of the city.

Restricted view tickets-If the theatre is you’re calling, London’s famous West End is the place for you. Not everyone has the funds required to shell out on tickets, however, the best of which can sell for £70-£80. If you are savvy and shop around online you might be able to come across much cheaper tickets for as little as £10 if you book at late notice or don’t mind a restricted view. Some useful websites to help you out:

Parks-The city is full of parks, and there is no open container law, put two and two together and you’ve got yourself a day out for the cost of a couple of cans. Hyde Park, Regents Park and Greenwich Park are all good options. Bring an umbrella.