A list of things to do in London would be never-ending and therefore bordering on useless. Here are a select few favourites:

Camden Town-

Strongly associated with alternative culture, Camden’s markets are a rabbit warren of possibilities selling everything under the sun. Explore hundreds of market stalls by day, enjoy the areas many insalubrious establishments by night. Round the corner you will find Primrose Hill, at the top of which gives you panoramic views of central London-can’t go wrong with a bottle of bubbly as the sun goes down.

To get there, take the northern line to Camden, rather self-explanatory


Once a vegetable market, Covent Garden is now a thriving shopping and tourist spot in London’s West End. Of particular interest for the penniless traveller are the multitude of street theatre performances which take place daily on the markets piazza-just look for the unusually dressed gentlemen narrowly avoiding severe injury for the purpose of entertainment.

The Piccadilly line will take you to Covent Garden, again, easy


These aforementioned free museums are both in the same place, both equally large in size, and more importantly both free. The NHM in particular contains a seemingly never ending range of specimens from the natural world. It essentially tells the story of the history of the universe, great if you fancy yourself as the next David Attenborough. Any creationists out there? I’d give this one a miss.

Take the district line to South Kensington, both museums are immediately obvious as you leave the station.


National Gallery and Tate Modern-If art is your thing, then you probably should have gone to Paris or Milan, but seeing as you’re here, why not try what London galleries have to offer.

Tube to Charing Cross for the National Gallery, Blackfriars for the Tate


Comedy Store-Best ticket you can buy in London. For just £15-20 see 2 hours worth of side splittingly hilarious live stand-up comedy. With 5 comedians performing 6 nights a week (bar Monday), this small venue in Leicester Square represents the best, and funniest, value for money in the city.

Right at the heart of London’s West end, tubes to Piccadilly Circus and Leicester square will get you equally close.


The Scoop-A sunken amphitheatre in the shadow of Tower Bridge, the Scoop puts on open air concerts and plays for free throughout the Summer months. Whoever thought the idea of an open air venue in Britain was a good idea needs locking up for insanity.

Tube to tower Hill, cross the famous bridge itself and look for the big hole in the ground.