Nearly 6,500,000: not only the enormous number of people in Madrid, but also the number of tapas and sangrias you’ll consume while you’ll there. Known for its beautiful people, plazas, tapas, and futbol teams, Madrid offers any traveler the European “total package”. Spend your days outdoors in the scenic parks and impressive museums with a cafe con leche, and end your nights experiencing what it means to be the life of the party. There is never a dull moment in this unique and incredible city.


  1. Madrid-Barajas airport flies to virtually anywhere. Take the pink line #8 to your concourse. Also, the airport is humongous so it takes a good 15 minutes to get from the metro to the gates. If you want to take a taxi, it is a FLAT RATE from the airport to wherever in Madrid. Do not let the drivers haggle you!
  2. Always carry around your student ID (if you have one). Museums and restaurants love giving student discounts. Thank you, Madrid for “furthering my education”!
  3. Everyone’s favorite time of day: siesta. Everyday, between 2-5, the city of Madrid sleeps. Do not plan on going to little restaurants or shops during this time. When in Madrid, do as the Madridians do, and nap! 
  4. Lunch, as opposed to dinner, is the biggest meal of the day. So if you are going OUT to, go around 12-2 (before siesta time).  Totally normal to pre game dinner. Dinner is most popular around nine, where you and friends will thrive on tapas and more wine. Then if you want, you are ready to hit the clubs. Full and focused.
  5. Madrid Spanish is very unique in that when locals speak, they pronounce certain “s” and “z” sounds like a soft “th”. Don’t be too thrown off. So for instance, when you order a “cerveza”, sound smart(er) and pronounce it “ser-vay-tha”. But don’t worry, you’ve been pronouncing “sangria” correctly.