Mercado de San Miguel-

Located in the heart of the old town, just beside Plaza Mayor (which itself is line with shops and restaurants). Has around ~33 vendors with the most delicious Spanish creations, from craft beers and timeless wines, to creative jamon or fish tapas. I swear it’s like something you see on Travel channel. It’s not just food, it’s truly an experience. Everything is tapas-sized, so it gives you the freedom to get a few items from multiple places/ walk around etc.

Plaza de San Miguel, s/n, 28005 Madrid, Spain

La Musa (lime green line)-

this was one of my favorite restaurants. Tapas style, per usual. Great location, in La Latina- fun area for casual nightlife. Young individuals (20s-30s) with great bar hopping. ANYWAYS, La Musa has delicious flavors for a very reasonable price. Best fried green tomatoes I’ve ever had in my life. I still dream about them. Also they have La Bombas, which are balls of meat saturated in a fluffy fried doe, covered in a pesto sauce with fresh cheese. Hard to explain, but easy on the eyes and so delicious. This place is also well known for its Asian persuasion. Great fried rice dishes and teriyaki meats with a Spanish flair. Highly highly recommend. Never ate anything I didn’t like here. 

Address: Calle de Manuela Malasaña, 18, 28004 Madrid, Spain


Lateral (blue line)-

went here a million times. Best HUGE pitchers of Sangria, and BEST and most fresh mojitos. On weekend nights, they have a fresh mojito bar, and they create unique mojitos with the freshest fruits and sugars ingredients. Food wise- also delicious. Great jamon and croquette dishes, creative and aesthetically pleasing tapas with a great atmosphere. Located on Fuen de Carral, which is loaded with shops great for anybody. Right off of Gran Via which is shopping central in Madrid. Great place for a yummy dinner after a long day of shopping or exploring.

 Moncloa market (yellow line)

If you’re in the area, definitely worth to check it out. Two-story market with the first story being fresh cut meats and a delicious dessert counter (and of course a bar). Upstairs has amazingly fresh sushi and awesome pizza (with of course another bar). Somewhere we would meet up after school for a quick, but never failing delicious, bite.

Museo de Jamon

Self explanatory. Located right in Puerta del Sol which is a hub for shops and other restaurants. Only in Madrid can you find an establishment with ceiling to floor decorations of delicious edible jamon. It’s what heaven looks like to me. Afterwards, stop in La Mallorquina for the best pastries you’ll ever eat in your life. And then prepare yourself for a salty-sweet food coma.

                     Address: Calle de Atocha, 54, 28012 Madrid, Spain

 Chocolateria San Gines

Where hot chocolate meets its match. The creamiest, warmest, feel good hot chocolate you’ll ever drink. Pair it with their world-famous churros. Baked to perfection with a warm fluffy center, and crunchy sugary coating with hot chocolate syrup drizzle. My mouth is drooling typing this.

                     Address: Pasadizo San Ginés, 5, 28013 Madrid, Spain

100 Montaditos

Quite literally stands for “100 mini-sandwiches”. The menu is just that- a list starting from 1. à 100. of various sandwiches with classic Spanish meats, cheeses, and toppings. Mix and match across the menu. I usually ordered around 6 per sitting. It was my goal to eat all 100 in one day J a famous and easy pick for locals and tourists.

La Tierra

The Madrid chipotle. But obviously way better because fresher and more authentic. And they actually have QUESO. And the best margaritas. So it’s chipotle but on steroids. And in Madrid.

Tako Away

 My go-to after a late night out at the bars/ clubs. Late night tacos. Like taco bell, but like I said ^^more authentic, and just fresher and better ingredients.