Go to the Hofbrauhaus

The Hofbrauhaus is the most well-known beer garden in Munich.  With the tasty beer, the delicious food, the great atmosphere and the fun activities mixed together, you will get the best all-around German experience here.  Traditional German music is always playing (usually with a live band) and people sit on long wooden benches, drinking liters of beer and eating great German food.  The Hofbrauhaus has emerged into one of Munich’s top tourist places and a MUST visit while you’re in Munich.

Address: Altstadt-Lehel, Platzl 9, 80331 München, Germany 

Check out there website here: Hofbrauhaus

Walk around Marienplatz

his is the biggest and most recognizable square in the heart of the city.  It has been Munich’s main square since the year 1158.  In this area, you will find New Town Hall (Neues Rathaus), Old Town Hall (Altes Rathaus) street performers, cafes, pubs, and restaurants.  It is a common place where people meet up and there is always something happening around the area.  A huge pedestrian zone begins at the western part of this square and there is good shopping around that area as well.  Many of the main public transportation lines (S-Bahn and U-Bahn)  intersect beneath this square, so it is easily accessible from anywhere in the city.

AddressAltstadt-Lehel, Marienplatz 1, 80331 München, Germany

Find out more visiting this website: Marienplatz

Go to the English Garden

The ‘Englischer Garten’ is a giant public park in the centre of Munich.  Established in 1789, it goes from the city center to the NorthEast city limits.  This 900+ acre park is one of the world’s largest urban public parks, even bigger than Central Park in NYC.  Whether you’re in the mood to relax, read a book, play a sport, go on a bike ride, drink beer, or meditate, there’s plenty of room to do any of your preferred activities at the English Garden.  There is even a Greek temple, a Chinese pagoda and a Japanese tea house!  Give yourself at least a few hours to enjoy this relaxing, picturesque and wonderful park.  

Explore Olympia Park

This park was constructed for the 1972 Summer Olympics that were held in Munich.  Today, there are still many activities happening in this park such as concerts, festivals, cultural gatherings, etc.   You can take an awesome tour of Olympic Stadium, go bungee jumping, or climb to the top of the tower for an spectacular view of Munich.  The BMW Welt and Museum is right across the street, so you can spend many hours exploring this area of Munich.   Check this website for all of the tour information and ticket sales around Olympia Park.

AddressSpiridon-Louis-Ring 21, 80809 München, Germany


Take a Bike Tour of the city

Munich is a very bike-friendly city with hundreds of bike lanes spread throughout the city.  The best tour that I came across is Mike’s Bike Tours!  The tour is 4 hours long and you hit all of Munich’s most popular tourist sights.  You are bound to meet awesome backpackers and travelers in your group, and learn about the history of Munich.  Most of the tour guides are quite funny and they will make the trip fun and exciting.  I promise you that there is no better way to see Munich than on a bike! Their website has everything you need to know about the tours.

Mikes Bike Tours

Address: Altstadt-Lehel, Bräuhausstraße 10, 80331 München, Germany

Phone:+49 89 25543987

Visit Dachau

Dachau is a WWII concentration camp that is located just a short train ride from Munich.   You can take a public or private tour of the area.  It is very sad as you learn about the horrific events that took place there during the Holocaust.  It can be very extreme, as you will learn about the physical and psychological torture that these people went through. 

For more information and tours click here: Visit Dachau

Go to the Deutsches Museum

This is the largest technology, science and engineering museum in the world.  It is estimated that over 1.5 million visitors come here every year.   The Deutsches Museum is over 100 years old and there are over 50 different exhibits.  It is impossible to see everything here in one day, so I recommend that you plan ahead and research the things that you are most interested in. 

AddressMuseumsinsel 1, 80538 München, Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle 

Although it’s located a bit outside the city center, You MUST check out this 19th Century Romanesque castle while you’re in Munich!  This castle has appeared in many famous movies and it was the inspiration for Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle!  It is nestled in the Bavarian hills and it attracts over 1.3 million people visitors per year. Once you have seen the castle you can walk up the mountain on the other side and across a 500 foot tall wooden bridge for an amazing view of the Castle. You can only visit on a guided tour, but it’s worth it as you will learn a lot about the history of this amazing castle.  

For tours visit there website here: Neuschwanstein castle