Prague, a magical city that makes you feel like you have been teleported into Diagon Alley from harry potter while walking through some of the touristy streets, where the beer is cheaper then water and the partying never stops and of course the home of ABSINTHE (that "green fairy" drink from Euro Trip)! Although it does not make you hallucinate it is some of the strongest alcohol you can ever imagine some being as strong as 95% alcohol (that "strong" whiskey you can barely get down in college is roughly 40% alcohol). Bridges, castles, and statues this city has a medieval feel to it as well as a modern day look so you receive the best of both worlds. Whether it is having a beer on the river or partying in Europe's largest club (5 stories) there is plenty of things for any visiting travelers to partake in. Do not miss out on this wonderful city.


  1. After arriving at the airport a local shuttle bus will take you directly into the city center. This drop off will be the same spot to pick up the shuttle to take back to the airport. You will be dropped off about 5 minute walk to Charles Bridge.
  2. **MONEY** Czech money is very different then other currency in Europe. If exchanging money only do so at an exchange booth! - Many scammers will wait outside and try to "exchange" there Czech currency for your Euro's saying they are leaving the country and do not want to deal with the tax taken out by the booths. DO NOT DO IT! They will exchange some random currency worth pennies compared to the Euros you exchanged
  3. Prague has many great Pub Crawls to meet plenty of other travelers while visiting the best pubs and clubs in the city.
  4. Free walking tours are a great way to view the city and learn about the history. (**Although it is free they ask for a donation at the end of the tour for themselves. This is the only money they are given for there job so they deserve a couple dollars for there work.**)
  5. Prague is unbelievably cheap and the beer is amazing