Help a fellow traveler out by providing some tips only a local would know or things they should watch out for, examples: pickpocketing is everywhere, do not take taxi's, how to spot the best gelato places, etc.. 

How much does it cost? => Quanto costa?

How many? ==> Quanti?

Where is the bathroom/toilet? => Dov'è il bagno or Dov'è la toilette?

I don't understand ==> Non capisco

Where is? => dov'è

The check please = > Il conto, per favore

Water ==> Acqua

Wine ==> Vino

Beer ==> Birra

chicken==> pollo

steak==> bistecca

veal==> vitellove

fish==> pesce

meat==> carne

I am vegetarian==> sono vegetariano

a glass of ==> un bicchiere di

a bottle of ==> una bottiglia dio

a half-liter of ==> mezzo litro di

fizzy water ==> acqua gassata

still water ==> acqua non gassata

red wine ==> vino rosso

white wine ==> vino bianco

beer ==> birra