Dino e Toni

Your typical mom-and-pop type of trattoria that continues to win over locals and tourists everytime. The small restaurant is located just a short distance from the Vatican Museums. It's best known for its variety and large portions. Although there's a menu to order from, it's always best to trust Dino with the ordering. He'll keep the antipasti della casa (i.e. fritti, salame, cheese, bruschette, pizza and more) coming. If you've haven't filled up yet, he'll recommend you try 'due assaggini' (two samples) or half portions of pasta which is usually pasta amatriciana and carbonara. The house wine is also pretty decent. 

 Via Leone IV, 60, 00192 Roma, Italy

Hours: 12:30-3; 7:30-11pm; Closed Sundays


Grano: Frutta e Farina

Near the Spanish Steps, this small shop has captured my attention. Grano offers a wide variety of pizzas that have the appropriate crispy crust and toppings. Pastries, dried fruits, chocolates, teas, and coffees tempt my taste buds every single time I walk in the door. Be sure to check out this adorable little gem!

Address: Via della Croce, 49a, Roma, Italy

Phone:+39 06 679 2461

Hours: 8 am-10 pm


Do not let the name fool you! This restaurant in the center of Rome is pure Italian. A bit pricey, but worth it. No host has to cajole passersby to come in for a meal. The serene atmosphere allows the food to steal the show. All of the usual traditional dishes are on the menu, but their versions are unique and flavorful. The duck and apple pairing with homemade pappardelle was so good that I feel obligated to investigate more entrees at a future time.

Address: Via della Vite, 28, 00187 Roma, Italy

Phone:+39 06 6938 0948

Hours: 12pm -12 am; Monday 5pm-12 am

Osteria Bonelli

There was a time when the word osteria signified a simple eatery with paper on the tables, a small, seasonal menu, and a single glass for both water in wine. Now the word is trendy and has been co-opted by the city's posh restaurants. But at this busy neighborhood establishment in Tor Pignattara, Osteria Bonelli stays true to its name.

Viale dell'Acquedotto Alessandrino, 172

 +39 329 863 3077

Hours: 1- 2:30 pm, 8-11 pm; Closed Sunday