Transportation inside Rome

Walking is the most scenic and direct way to access things in Rome. At night, walking around is usually safe, but stay with a friend or in a group.

• Taxis: Only ride in verified white taxis, and get picked up at taxi stands. Do not accept a ride from a taxi that is unverified.

• Trains: Trains are more useful for getting to parts of Italy outside of Rome. Roma Termini is the largest train station. Always validate tickets or risk a hefty fine.

• Bus: Bussing is one of the most inexpensive ways to get from various points of the city, but they are unreliable. Bus drivers often go on strike, meaning no buses run. Be careful of pickpocketing around train and bus terminals.

The metro is a good way to get to places a little quicker, Rome is not a small city by any means but it is not that big either. There are 2 metro lines that run along side the outside of the city and none that really go straight through. So no matter where you are trying to go you will have to walk a alittle.


Fuimico Airport

Taxi (€48 per taxi). The fixed fare for a Rome taxi is €48 between FCO and central Rome (within the Aurelian walls) for up to four people and their luggage. Terravision Shuttles (Single €4 per person online, €6 at the booth and Return €8 per person online, €11 at the booth (although these prices can change and it is possible to buy the tickets at the online price at the booth!)

Ciampino Airport

The good news: There is a train station at Ciampino. The not-as-good news: It's not right at the airport. To get there, you have to take one of the COTRAL/SCHIAFFINI buses from the airport. They depart every 30 minutes and cost €1; the drive to the train station takes 5 minutes. From there, the train to Rome’s Termini train station takes 15 minutes and costs just €1.50. Bus

Several buses run directly from the Ciampino airport into Rome. These include buses run by ATRAL (, COTRAL (, SIT (, and Terravision ( Prices are usually about €5 each way, and the ride takes about a half an hour, depending on traffic. 

Figuring these buses out couldn't really be much easier: When you exit the baggage claim at Ciampino, you'll see the kiosks advertising them right in front of you. Just walk up and ask when the next one is leaving (I recommend asking at both, so you can buy your ticket for the one leaving first!). You can buy your ticket right there—no need to reserve in advance—and they'll direct you to where exactly the bus is.